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We all know project-based learning is a wonderful tool to get students engaged in the classroom. However, it can require a lot of educator preparation from the get-go. We're pleased to announce Investigating History through Project-Based Learning, a free, interdisciplinary supplemental curriculum.  

Our digital curriculum provides lesson plans that are accessible, student-centered, and adaptable to an in-person, hybrid, and remote settings. It spotlights historically marginalized people to ensure underrepresented students see themselves as part of the historical narrative. 

Inside you'll find: 

  • Diverse learning, hands-on activities and student readings aligned to Ohio's New Learning Standards & Common Core State Standards
  • Reinforcement of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, information and media literacy, as well as collaboration, communication and leadership
  • Short content-based videos from experts and fellow students
  • Support for participating in Ohio History Day and National History Day
  • Individual student login accounts
  • Teacher guides & customizable content
  • Printable materials
  • Easy navigability for both students and teachers

This project was co-created with expert Social Studies educators and with finanical support from RemoteEDx Subgrants for Non-Profit and Community-Based Learning Partners and the William K. Laidlaw Jr. Memorial Endowment Fund.

To learn more about Investigating History, schedule a demo or information session!

Ohio History Day

Ohio History Day is a free, interdisciplinary and project-based learning program that meets Ohio’s Learning Standards and allows students of all abilities to tell the stories that inspire them! Help students go beyond the textbook to create imaginative exhibits, documentaries, performances, websites and scholarly papers.

Ohio History Day teaches students to: 

  • Conduct research in local, state, national and world history
  • Analyze and synthesize information including primary and secondary sources
  • Write and present an argument
  • Participate in action civics
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence

The Ohio History Connection is proud to be the state sponsor of the National History Day program in Ohio since 1995.

Ohio History Connection

The Ohio History Connection, formerly the Ohio Historical Society, is a statewide history organization with the mission to spark discovery of Ohio’s stories. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization chartered in 1885, the Ohio History Connection carries out history services for Ohio and its citizens focused on preserving and sharing the state’s history. This includes housing the state historic preservation office, the official state archives, local history office and managing more than 50 sites and museums across Ohio. For more information on programs and events, visit


Spark discovery of Ohio's stories. Embrace the present, share the past and transform the future.

Core Values

  • Relevance - Addressing and communicating the significance of history with Ohio's diverse people
  • Authenticity - Valuing artifacts and true stories of history
  • Inclusivity - Appealing to all Ohioans, especially underserved audiences
  • Stewardship - Protecting the evidence of Ohio history
  • Working Together - Pursuing teamwork and sharing authority and responsibility

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Contact Us

Ohio History Day Help Desk 
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Ohio History Connection
800 E. 17th Ave. 
Columbus, Oh 43211